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In the latest issue of the MusikSalon we focus on the new opera by Austrian composer Georg Friedrich Haas and on violin concertos from the UE catalogue.

Georg Friedrich Haas on his opera Morgen und Abend (c) Universal Edition

“Listen with open ears, an open heart, and an open mind”

Georg Friedrich Haas has risen to one of the most important Austrian composers internationally. He always felt that the sonic and harmonic possibilities of the established system of equal temperament were too limited.

In our interview, he talks about his opera Morgen und Abend and about the music that he composes today.



Friedrich Cerha: Spiegel I-VII

“One thing develops and leads to another, processes influence each other, interfere with and displace each other.” (Friedrich Cerha)


Arvo Pärt (c) Universal Edition

Arvo Pärt in the spotlight

On 11 September 2015 Arvo Pärt celebrated his 80th birthday. The MusikSalon is paying tribute to the composer as possibly befits his nature: with an interest in how his music is received by active musicians and audiences alike, yet still remaining at a suitable distance from the bustle of today’s music industry despite him being at the centre of attention as a person.


Photo: Kaupo Kikkas / Arvo Pärt Centre
Work insights

Songs from Childhood

An unusual editorial project that in a certain way traces a musical arc across his oeuvre: Arvo Pärt’s Songs from Childhood.