Dear music lovers

The blossoming of national musical schools in Poland is mainly associated with the name Karol Szymanowski. However his folkloric models always suited his personal style, which ultimately led him to become a first-rate sound ecstatic.


On the instinctual life of sounds

Karol Szymanowski‘s life comprises a Polish lack of openness and Viennese bohème, Catholic strictness and the Dionysian, ecstasy and ascesis.

If Scriabin could be called a constructor and programmaticist of sound ecstasies, in Szymanowski’s works ecstasy is rather coming from within and unfolding out of the mysterioso at the beginnings of the movements in a fever curve that rises continually, discharging itself in a vocal and instrumental apotheosis – as exemplified in his operas and concertos. 



Friedrich Cerha: Spiegel I-VII

“One thing develops and leads to another, processes influence each other, interfere with and displace each other.” (Friedrich Cerha)